"If you don’t want to be listed but you still want to provide a legal mechanism for investors to trade in your shares, where the company secretary is not the one doing all the work; here’s a way for you to do that. We have worked extensively with our legal team on coming up with a model that falls outside of the definition of an ‘exchange’ in terms of the Financial Markets Act. OTC Express is the product of these efforts and we’re proud to be able to offer this simple and efficient solution to the market as another viable trading option."

Anthony Wilmot, founder of Singular Systems

About OTC
What is OTC in South Africa?

An OTC market can best be described as a market where investors trade shares that are not listed on an exchange by means of bilateral negotiations.

What is OTC Express?

OTC Express, brought to you by Singular Systems, offers companies a web-based bulletin board for investors to advertise their intention to buy or sell shares and an efficient back-office infrastructure to settle independently and bilaterally negotiated concluded transactions.

Who is OTC Express for?

OTC Express is for:

  • Enterprises with a small to medium shareholder base that want to enable their shares to be legally and freely tradable while remaining unlisted.
  • Companies that currently operate their own unlicensed exchange infrastructures but want to transition to a manner of trading that falls outside of the definition of an ‘exchange’.
  • Company secretaries who do not want the additional administrative burden of bringing prospective buyers and sellers together, and settling concluded transactions.